Pixel Art


Ganman Naruto

Ganman Saint Seiya (Bronze Saints)

Ganman Saint Seiya (Gold Saints)

Ganman Saint Seiya (Asgarn God Warriors)

Ganman Saint Seiya (Poseidon and Seven Marina Generals)

Ganman Saint Seiya (Hades)

Ganman One Piece (Strew Hat Crew)

Ganman One Piece (Strew Hat Crew after 2 Years)

Ganman One Piece (Seven Warlords)

Ganman One Piece (Supernova)

Ganman One Piece (Supernova after 2 Years)

Ganman Street Fighter Zero

Ganman Street Fighter

Ganman Street Fighter II

Ganman Street Fighter III

Ganman Street Fighter IV

Ganman Super Mario Bros

Ganman Metal Hero

Ganman Kamen Raider

Ganman Bleach Gotei13

Ganman Dragon Ball Frieza

Ganman Smurf

Ganman Marvel Ironman

Ganman Anpanman


Year: 2012

An agency contacted me to participate with Tiger Translate art project with the theme of “Street”. Then I created pixelated imagery of things and people in different profession. It presents patterns of diversity. Many interest, lifestyle and opportunity exist and present themselves in there, then waiting for someone getting their traps and choose the way what they would like to be and would like to do.

Deva Mural

หนองตางู - บึงนาราง

Cycling Jersey


Pixel Medival



Suharit number17


Bomb Bike Male Cycling Jersey

Bomb Bike Female Cycling Jersey

Biker Rider

Dragon Nakhon Sawan

ANTS Magazine

Multiculturalism Issue


The Pixel Portrait of Thai Prime Minister

Muay Chaiya

Muay Korat

Muay Lopburi

Muay Ta-Sao

คอนเสิร์ต 30ปี อัสนี วสันต์

worked for H.U.I.