A4: Suburban House

YEAR: 2012
MEDIUM: Wall and Colorful A4 papers
LOCATION: Nakhon-Sawan, Thailand

Abstract: I love simplifying and reducing details of imagery as minimal as possible. I try to play with imagination of audiences, and provide new visual experience to viewers with pixelated imagery like mosaic technique that involving with environment and communities. It is for inspiration the viewers to recognize that even ordinary material like an A4 paper, which he or she might keep them as a tool or material, can be created as artwork.

Detail: The project showed on a building wall of a pharmacy Banya 88 in a suburban village called Nongta-Ngu in Banphot- Phisai, Nakhon-Sawan a province the middle part of Thailand. The site is on a building wall of a pharmacy in a small street connect between a main road and residence. People always travel on this street to the main road, fresh market and other area. Near the site there is a constructing wooden house.

EFFECT ON THE SPACE: While installation an old woman said with me that it is a good idea that creating images on the wall by paper use. Many viewers such as students in a school bus, a farmer on a motorbike or pedestrian looked at the wall while passing the work. Interestingly that when I asked some audience what he or she saw on the wall, some of them said that it is an elephan