The Fence

Year: 2011
Mediums: Plastic Strews and Fences
Location: Brunswick, Australia
Dimension: Width 20m, Height 2.5cm

Fences will be used as a big grid art board, and pieces of plastic drinking straws will be adapted as drawing lines. Each pieces of drinking straw follows and relates to the grid of the fence. When arranging together, it will show imagery of many things. The project also plays with sight of viewers. Obviousness of the work depends on a distance between the fence and the audience’s eyes. When watching closer, viewers might see nothing but fences. If step back and look it again, images will appear.

I tried to simplify objects, furniture, character and what involve with human’s lifestyle into fence’s pattern; then fix them on fence because these could be noticed easily by sight. The work might revive the space, and provide life, happiness and colour to the site. The work encourages viewers seeing the work and trying to guess what the images are. Pedestrians and cycling people could experience the work that different from other illegal graffiti on street. These might encourage the audience to think that which art they should keep and which one should neglect.

Detail: The Fence is part of MoreArt Public Art Show 2011, which is organised by Moreland Council. The work exhibits near Safeway shopping shore between Jewell Station and Brunswick Station during 2nd and 31st of October 2011.