Pixelated Wall

Year: 2012
Mediums: Acrylic Paints and wall
Location: Nakhon-Sawan, Thailand
Dimension: 38m x 3m / 8m x 2m / 16m x 2m

Abstract: Among a lot of realistic and over retouched images of media in societies, pixelated images expose abstract imagination that could not be seen generally. A pixelated image provides hint to viewers curious and imagining what it is presenting or communicating. I am interested in pixelated images, and believe that it can move into any surfaces. I created imagery of golden coin piles based on pixelated image for attracting viewers’ eyes, providing color and life to the space, and revive the image and atmosphere of a warehouse that people might assume it as unlivable place which full of chemical products, corrugated boxes and industrial equipment. The work also presents the meaning of brightness and wealth of the space through imagery of pixelated golden coin piles. Viewers who get into the site might feel that he or she stands in among colorful and wealthy space.

Detail: The project was exhibited at a warehouse in a suburban village in Thailand. I was interested in doing mural painting, and then allowed from a warehouse’s owner to create colorful mural art in this space. My working space is a warehouse built for stockpiling chemical products and fertilizers. It is approximately 16 meters width, 28 meters length and 8 meters height